Meet Mrs Wedding Planner


 Welcome to Mrs Wedding Planner!

Home to luxury  destination weddings and events with personality! Our business is built on the principle of unapologetically celebrating marriage and its importance.


 I am married and a sucker for romance and individuals that share similar views on marriage.

With a strong background in business development, Rugie, the Founder is responsible for directing strategic and operational planning at home and abroad. She manages the overall planning and her responsibilities include leading all pitches for negotiation, giving guidance on budget estimates, contracts and insurances, as well as executing client’s vison. She is creative and respected in the wedding industry particularly for multi-cultural and destination weddings. She was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, but grew up in and currently resides in West London. She loves prawns, Pinterest, tea and almond croissant. Rugie volunteers her time to community projects in her free time